No, not necessarily, but it is highly recommended, since we decrease your workload considerably with the Support contained in the Software Subscription. A non registered customer is not entitled to turn to colima for assistance or use information on my.colima. Non public information may not be given to the end user.

Benefits for the customer

The Licensee of the colima license is the end user, the colima-Partner is the agent. Should the Contractor not be familiar to colima, but a License Agreement is concluded, the customer has insufficient rights to complete the contract.

Benefits for the Partner

Subsequent business: Each colima license you sell as a partner is assigned to your partner account. Likewise, all subsequent transactions with the customer will be assigned to your account. If a registered customer buys a Software Subscription extension or a License upgrade, your partner discount will automatically be credited to your account. For non registered customers, we can of course not assign the discount, so you do not benefit from subsequent business.