Can I evaluate a product for free before purchasing it?

Yes, you can evaluate a product for at least 30 days before purchase, allowing you to see and use colima software before you proceed with a purchase. colima provides a fully functional download version of each colima software product for evaluation. What you’ll be using during your evaluation is what you’ll be getting when you buy. In fact, to activate your commercial license you will simply update your license key.

How is the software distributed? Will I receive a CD-ROM or shrink-wrapped product?

colima has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model. Consequently, software is available only via HTTP download. colima does not distribute any software on CD, DVD or as a shrink-wrapped product. As all commercial and academic licenses include 12 months of software maintenance (support and updates), the ESD model is the best way to stay up-to-date with the numerous software releases made available to you. At your discretion, maintenance can also be renewed.

Pricing & Discounts

How much do colima products cost?

Current pricing information is always available online:

Does colima offer any discounts?

We do not offer any discounts to end customers. Our goal is to make awesome applications available at the best price, and to treat every customer equally. Our products start at just 0,99€ for 1 user. We like to build discounts directly into the prices we publish openly to everyone so there’s no guessing or uncertainty around what you’re buying and how much it costs.

Are there any discounts for government organizations?

Discounts are not offered to government organizations (unless you are a provider of primary, secondary or tertiary education in which case you would qualify for colima’s academic pricing). Government organizations purchasing colima software are required to purchase commercial licenses.

Are there any discounts for academic institutions?

Academic pricing is available to qualified academic institutions for colima’s download products.

Does colima offer reseller discounts?

colima does not offer any reseller discounts. Discounts are only offered to official colima Partners & Experts. To inform you about benefits of a partnership with colima please go to Partners & Experts Support.

Which quantity discounts can I receive on my orders?

New Purchase: You receive the best price according to quantity scales. The ’Ouote & Order Form will calculate the best prices for you automatically.

Expansion: The price applies for the respective extension. Should you first buy 100 licenses and later another 100 licenses the price shown applies for every 100 licenses. So think carefully whether it would not be cheaper to exploit the price advantage of an order of 200 licenses right at the first order.

A refund / transfer for previously purchased licenses will not occur.


What is the process for ordering colima products?

All orders must be placed via the secure online Quote & Order Form. If you are a reseller, please check the box marked “I am a reseller (purchasing on behalf of my customer)” during the checkout process. Once that is done, a quote or invoice will be sent via email.

Please note: License and source downloads (if applicable) will only be made available online when full payment is confirmed.

How can I request a quote?

Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! You will just need to submit your request through our Quote & Order Form. In the final step check “Get a Quote” and click submit. Only quotes submitted though our online form are considered valid, screen prints of the shopping cart is not the same as an official quote.

How can I pay an outstanding quote or invoice?

You can pay an outstanding quote or invoice by bank transfer. You can find complete payment details on the first page of a quote or invoice.

How can I submit a purchase order (PO number) to colima?

To get started, please complete our secure online Quote & Order Form. On the final confirmation page, check the PO number box to add your PO number. The PO number will appear on your quote or invoice (valid for 30-days) and will be sent in PDF format via email. If you already have a quote or invoice, you can update the quote or invoice through my.colima.de on the Orders tab.

colima is happy to reference a PO number on a quote or invoice for your internal tracking and record keeping. However, we do not accept purchase orders as form of payment nor the terms and conditions commonly associated with purchase orders. We provide fully functional evaluation licenses for you to use while payment is being arranged. We are able to keep our prices low by offering a standard End User License Agreement (EULA) to all our customers and do not offer commercial credit.

Our payment terms are Net 0-day and we accept payment by bank transfer. Details can be found on the first page of a quote or invoice. Once full payment is received, we will issue the license keys and email the nominated billing and technical contacts.

After an order has been placed, how and when can the license key and source be accessed?

Access to your license key(s) and any software code is provided only after the successful receipt and processing of your payment. Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent that includes instructions on how to access the license key and any applicable source code are provided in the confirmation email.

Payments & Refunds

Which payment methods are accepted, and what are your payment terms?

colima accepts the following payment methods for download product licenses and annual Atlassian OnDemand subscriptions:

  • Bank transfer- can take up to 5–7 business days for banks transfers to clear through our banking facilities.

colima’s payment terms are strictly Net 0-day. This means that the license key(s) or colima OnDemand subscription will only be made available after full payment is received. If you have placed your order but find that you are waiting for your organisation to actually make the payment, you can contact us and request a fully-functional evaluation license key to help you cope with any bureaucratic delays.

Where can I see my offers and paid and unpaid invoices?

Currently, this information is not yet available, but can soon be viewed in my.colima in your account area. If you would like information on quotes and invoices, you should contact the colima sales team.

How can I pay an outstanding quote or invoice?

You can pay an outstanding quote or invoice by bank transfer only. You can find complete payment details on the first page of a quote or invoice .

Can I get a refund, exchange or upgrade after purchasing a download product license?

Yes, you can request a refund or exchange/upgrade your commercial or academic download license up to 30 days after original product date of purchase. After the 30-day period, standard pricing for upgrades will apply and exchanges/refunds will not be available.

To request a refund/exchange within 30 days of payment, please contact our Sales Team.


Why are you applying VAT to my order?

VAT will be applied only to orders where a valid VAT ID has not been supplied at the time of payment, in accordance with EU tax legislation. 

Do you include Tax in the prices listed on the website?

No, the prices listed on our website are in Euro and do not include any tax.


How are users counted in colima licenses, as named or concurrent?

A user is by definition any account with the permission to log into the application. A named user with this permission is counted towards the user limit, whether logged in to the application or not. Our licensing model is not based on concurrent users.

Are there defined quantities for user licenses?

No, theoretically you can start with a license for one user. Depending on a certain number of user licenses you receive attractive volume discounts. Also see: How much are the colima products?

What is “price per module”? Can a user have multiple licenses?

Yes, a user can use multiple modules that are licensed separately.

An example: You have a total of 300 users, 100 users will only receive Module A, 100 users only Module B and 100 users both Modules A and B. So module A needs to be licensed for 200 users and Module B for 200 users. You do not need 300 licenses for Module A and 300 licenses for Module B but only 2/3 of them!

This licensing model is given optimal flexibility and you decide which module or what functionality you need for the amount of users.

What are the conditions for an colima Academic License?

The following organizations are eligible for an colima Academic License:

  • Educational institutions: Public or private K–12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific or technical schools that are accredited by a national accrediting agency.
  • Administrative offices & boards of education: Provincial, district, regional, national and state administrative offices and authorities of the Educational Institutions defined above.
  • Public libraries
  • Home-school programs
  • Research institutes that are affiliated with an accredited university.
  • Teaching hospitals that are affiliated with an accredited university.
  • Training and teaching organizations that are accredited by a statutory government qualifications body.

Proof of accreditation or affiliation may be required when ordering an colima Academic License.

Licenses to corporations and corporate associations

colima licenses can be combined for subsidiary companies in which the parent company holds at least 50% as a licensee. Licenses are issued to subsidiaries, they can neither be combined with licenses of the parent company nor with licenses from other subsidiaries. In this case, each subsidiary requires its own license.

Should you have any requests concerning the licensing of corporations or business associations, particularly in the international area, please contact the colima Sales Team

Upgrading Licenses

How do I upgrade an existing license?

Please ask our colima sales team on upgrade options.

Software Subscription

Which support services are offered by colima?

colima offers unique support for their products. You can reach us by email from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT (+1, Berlin). We speak German and English. Please note: We do not offer support via telephone to end customers!

Is support included in the software subscription?

Yes, basic support is included in the software subscription through my.colima and email. A claim to reaction time, certain features or updates, etc. does not exist. Other support services are provided by your colima VAR partner, these offer their own support services.

What are the benefits of renewing software maintenance?

Renewing your download software maintenance is entirely optional, but it will ensure your continued access to the following great benefits:

Legendary Support

You’ll continue to receive colima’s legendary support for another 12 months. colima’s support is available to you via our online support system.

Software updates

Our products continue to evolve via frequent and significant updates.

Peace of mind

If your team depends on our products for many of its day to day activities, having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed support team offers fantastic peace of mind. Renewing now ensures that the privileges of software maintenance continue uninterrupted.

Order your renewal today

If you wish to renew your software subscription, or upgrade your license, simply submit your order using our Quote & Order Form.

Please note: subscription renewals commence from the date the previous subscription period expires, regardless of when the subscription renewal was purchased.

When does software subscription start?

New license: Your 12 month software subscription period will commence from the date of payment confirmation.

Upgrade: Your 12 month software subscription will commence from the date of payment confirmation and replaces any active software maintenance of the upgraded license.

Software subscription renewal: Your 12 month software subscription will commence from the expiration date of the previous subscription period, regardless of when the subscription renewal was purchased.

Can I buy a colima product without Software Subscription?

No. We want you to stay up-to-date with your Software and have all the new features freely available at any time. These attractive combinations of licenses and software subscription are only offered bundled.

What happens when the included subscription ends?

After the first 12 months, your software subscription will expire and you will no longer be able to receive technical support or software updates. Renewing your software subscription is done purely at your discretion and can be renewed in advance of your subscription expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support and software updates.

As all commercial and academic licenses are perpetual, you can use your software into perpetuity. This means, the download product will continue to operate the same way as it does before and after the subscription period expires.

Please note: subscription renewals commence from the date the previous subscription period expires, regardless of when the maintenance renewal was purchased.

Can subscription dates be synchronized on licenses?

If you have purchased multiple colima products on different dates, your subscription renewal dates can be synchronized to the same date based on the time-value of individual licenses.

Managing My Account

How do I manage my my.colima account?

The initial account for my.colima portal is created by your first time registration.

After you log in, you can change your password by going to your profile page (click above on ‘Edit Profile’) and edit the desired information on the page . Click ‘Save’. Make a note of your access data, neither colima employees nor a third party has access to your credentials. colima can at most reset this data.

End User Agreement

Our legal department would like to make some changes to your End User Agreement. Is that ok?

Within colima’s current price structure, we’re unable to make any changes to our End User Agreement. If you consider our pricing model and the costs of creating and managing individual agreements with each of our customers, you can begin to understand our position. Maintaining a standard End User Agreement with all of our customers allows us to focus our resources on meeting our obligations under these agreements. Do keep in mind of course that our End User Agreement has been very carefully authored to be fair to both you and us.

There may be some issues that are not covered here or on the rest of this page. If so, please feel free to contact us.

Customizations and Professional Services

Do I get access to the source code? What customizations can be made to the code?

All colima products are proprietary software products that are delivered without Source Code A view of the Source Codes is not granted, nor are customizations allowed.